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The Firm Makes Inc. 5000

Megan DeBoer | September 26, 2019

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M&A: The Industry Defying Gravity

Megan DeBoer | August 08, 2019

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Have You Met Makayla?

Megan DeBoer | July 10, 2019

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Dr. Lemberg's Pathway to Retirement

Megan DeBoer | July 01, 2019

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Steven Makes His Mark in M&A

Megan DeBoer | June 19, 2019

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Hot Off the Press - June 2019 Magazine

Megan DeBoer | June 12, 2019

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All Good Things Take Time

Megan DeBoer | June 07, 2019

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The Firm June Magazine Release Celebration

Megan DeBoer | June 04, 2019

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The Firm Feels Good Doing Good

Megan DeBoer | May 22, 2019

Today marks the 7th annual 24-hour charitable challenge, OmahaGives! From midnight to midnight, OmahaGives! challenges our community to make a difference. For only a minimum of $10, you can make a big impact! Read More

Corner Kick Spoils our Swan

Megan DeBoer | May 01, 2019

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Opportunity of the Week: A Business That Brightens Children’s Futures

The Firm | April 05, 2019

You could give children struggling with academic and learning challenges a new chance for success with this business. Read More

Q&A With Cortney: Stock Sale Versus Asset Sale

Cortney Sells | April 04, 2019

Cortney explains what stock sales and asset sales are and what those terms mean for business buyers and sellers. Read More

The Ins and Outs of Seller Financing

The Firm | March 29, 2019

What is seller financing, and how can it benefit business sellers and buyers? Read More

Preparing for the Perfect Retirement

The Firm | March 22, 2019

As difficult as it is to bid adieu to your life’s work and legacy, everyone takes the crucial step toward retirement at some point. We have some tips for planning a flawless exit. Read More

The Firm Is Breaking Industry Records & Poised for Growth in 2019

The Firm | March 19, 2019

So far this year, The Firm has had impressive numbers of new business opportunities and closings. Read More

Simply the Best

The Firm | March 15, 2019

For the ninth consecutive year, The Firm has been named the first place winner in B2B Magazine's "Best of B2B" in the Business Brokerage category. Read More

Competitor Analysis, Opportunities Listed

The Firm | March 14, 2019

See how The Firm stacks up against other M&A consultants. Read More

Dentist to Dreamer - Hard Work Pays Off!

Rene Rademacher | February 28, 2019

Dr. Jacob Fimple came to us at The Firm 3 years ago for a complimentary business valuation, with the goal of finding an exit strategy for his endodontic practice. Starting in 2015, we consulted with him to form a strategic business plan. No… Read More

Kansas City Tech Company Useagility Sells to First Tek

Rachael Rand | October 09, 2018

Kansas City tech company, Useagility LLC, recently sold the company to First Tek Inc. of New Jersey. Useagility specializes in user experience and research design, while First Tek is an expert in development and design thinking. First Te… Read More


Rachael Rand | March 30, 2018

The Firm Business Brokerage exited Q1 of 2018 with a bang with five closings within five business days. Read More

The Firm Named to BBB Honor Roll

Rachael Rand | February 02, 2018

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8th Year as Omaha's Best Business Brokerage

Rachael Rand | February 01, 2018

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Sellers: Why You Should Finance Your Buyers

Maureen Tierney | October 03, 2017

Deciding to retire is a huge hurdle. You’ve grown a small empire from the seeds and soil of sweat, tears, and sacrifice. It’s a beautiful vision you’ve created, but it’s time to set your sights elsewhere. Read More

Summer Intern 2017 - Ameya Shelby

Maureen Tierney | August 21, 2017

The Firm Business Brokerage is happy to announce the successful completion of its first Brownell Talbot paid internship this past summer. Incoming senior Ameya Shelby assisted The Firm with research, data integration and social media planni… Read More

Industry Forecast: Mind the Generational Gap

Rachael Rand | July 26, 2017

There are several reasons why business brokerage industry is growing at a rate of 3% per year. Favorable market conditions, low interest rates, and the calm before the tax reform storm are a few of them, but there is another factor at work … Read More

8 Things We Wish Every Business Buyer Knew Before Calling Us

Rachael Rand | June 13, 2017

When it comes to buying a company, the adage “It’s not personal, it’s business” goes right out the window. Investing life savings, sacrificing a conventional career, recognizing the risks, and developing the relationships necessary to make … Read More

Selling Your Business: Getting a Proper Business Valuation

Rachael Rand | June 06, 2017

The first step in the sale of any business is to establish its value or worth, which is determined through a process called business valuation. Valuations are necessary for a variety of reasons. Read More

Asset Sales or Stock Sales: Determining the Best for Your Business Transaction

Susanne Miller, J.D. | May 30, 2017

A business transaction typically comes down to two common sales structures: the asset sale or the stock sale. Asset sales involve the purchase of individual assets and liabilities, leaving the underlying ownership unchanged. Stock sales inc… Read More

Why (and How) Business Owners Are Selling in 2017

Rachael Rand | May 16, 2017

As 2017 takes shape, business owners from all over the United States are reaching out to The Firm Business Brokerage for business valuations as they prepare to exit their companies in the next 6 months to a year. Read More

The Law of 3's - Choosing the Right Kind of Broker

Maureen Tierney | April 26, 2017

It’s easy enough to say, “I want to buy or sell a business.” Just eight simple words, and what seems like the oldest transaction in the world. You have what I want, or I have what you want, so let’s make a deal. But what comes next is th… Read More

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Maureen Tierney | April 12, 2017

The cost of doing business continues to grow, and the most significant is the labor and the stress of finding qualified, trained talent. The way employees work is a constantly changing battle. As a business is subject to technological and … Read More

Reaching Out is Key

Kathy Rygg | March 29, 2017

Not every business is right for just everyone. Although some entrepreneurs know exactly what type of business they’d like to own, others aren’t as sure what might be a good fit. Rather than leaving it to chance, The Firm Business Brokerage … Read More

Confidential Business Reviews

Kathy Rygg | March 15, 2017

One of the services provided by The Firm Business Brokerage is creating a Confidential Business Review (CBR)—a comprehensive look at every aspect of a business that would be of interest to a potential buyer. A CBR is much more than just a s… Read More

A Change of Pace to Business Ownership

Maureen Tierney | March 01, 2017

With Baby Boomers retiring, many businesses are being passed down to the next generation. For a growing number, retirement is no longer a case of flying south for the winter, but hunkering down and diving into a new venture. Read More

Confidentiality is at the Core of Business

Kathy Rygg | January 25, 2017

Buying or selling a business is all about relationships, and at the heart of every good relationship is trust. It starts with establishing trust between the business brokerage and the client. That trust comes through both parties agreeing t… Read More

Moving into the Boardroom

Maureen Tierney | January 11, 2017

When considering the purchase of an existing business, very few realize that lack of experience in an industry can actually lead to success. One simply needs a sound financial plan and a good team to fill in the gaps. Removing the added s… Read More

Buying a Business vs. Starting Your Own

Kathy Rygg | December 28, 2016

When an entrepreneur is ready to invest in a new business, they must make a fundamental decision: do they start from scratch or purchase an existing one? Creating your own company certainly seems enticing. You’re able to build out a locatio… Read More

Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together is Just the Beginning

Rene Rademacher | December 14, 2016

When thinking about selling a business, many Sellers don’t know where to begin. There are many pieces to the puzzle, including knowing what your business is worth, finding a Buyer, and understanding the lending and legal aspects of the tra… Read More

Client Interfacing in the Digital Age

Liz Jones | November 16, 2016

As the largest and most established business brokerage firm in the Midwest, The Firm Business Brokerage attracts clients from all over the United States, and even Canada. At any given time, our firm has over 100 businesses listed and advert… Read More

Four Questions Every Buyer Should Ask

Maureen Tierney | November 02, 2016

Not everyone can handle the risk of starting a business, but plenty are able to withstand the hurdles of owning an existing one. Knowing that, below are four great questions that every buyer should ask themselves when looking to purchase a… Read More

The Firm Outpaces Transaction Totals from Previous Two Years

Cortney Sells | September 02, 2016

Nearing its seventh year, business brokerage company The Firm is seeing growth in number of listings, amount of closings and professional staff. "By June 30, 2016 we completed more business transactions than all of 2015, which had been our … Read More

Faces of Omaha 2016: Face of Business Brokerages

Cortney Sells | March 15, 2016

Buying an existing business has significant advantages over starting a business from scratch, according to Cortney Sells, President and Senior Broker of The Firm. For one thing, banks are much more likely to provide financing to the buyer o… Read More

The Firm Business Brokerage Set to Double Sales within Seller's Market - MBJ 2014

Cortney Sells | September 05, 2014

The Firm Business Brokerage, located at 210 N. 78th St., is poised to more than double last year’s sales with a goal of $18 million in sales for 2014, said President Cortney Sells, who founded the firm in 2009. Read More

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