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Client Liaison


The Firm is looking to add to our team! Client Liaison positions are now available.

Client Liaisons assist and educate individuals looking to sell or purchase a business by persuasively presenting The Firm's opportunities, constantly striving to gain education and be the industry expert.

Responsibilities of a Broker:

Facilitate Buyer & Seller meetings, work directly with prospect & current clients, and ultimately ending with a transaction
Develop trusted advisor relationships through one-on-one meeting and presentations
Maintain active membership in and attend networking events
Execute established marketing plans

  • Develop trusted advisors and referring associates while being involved in networking
  • Sell the opportunity to work with our Firm based on knowledge and technical sales
  • Anticipating an issue or problem and therefore finding a solution
  • Strong Effective Communicator that displays authority
  • Your days will consist of prospecting, client meetings, analyzing data, and building connections to attract new Buyer and Seller clients

The ideal candidate will:

  • Maintain a high pace/ high performance for long periods of time, despite interruptions
  • Strive to continuously gain knowledge to be the industry expert
  • Take responsibility for change and innovation
  • Accept continuous change
  • Tactfully handle disagreements and conflicts
  • Speak persuasively about your point of view
  • Assure compliance with company policy and protect the company against risk
  • Cooperating and being a cohesive team member
  • Be responsible for several varied activities and quality of work
  • Accept rejection and objection to ideas presented
  • Work with complex systems and processes
  • Work comfortably with established process and procedures
  • Enjoy meeting and interacting with new people
  • Maintain complete and accurate records

Hours: 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday with some evenings and weekends


Lead Generation Associate


The Firm is looking to add to our team! Positions are now available for Lead Generation Associates.

Our Lead Generation Associates are integral members of our team who are the first point of contact for many of our clients.


The ideal candidate will:

·         Feel comfortable speaking on the phone for long periods of time

·         Work Independently

·         Be Task focused

·         Have a pleasant “phone voice”

·         Display confidence in interactions with potential clients

·         Be goal-oriented, intuitive and adaptable

·         Pay close attention to details

·         Can learn the proven processes and procedures of The Firm's approach

·         Experience working in an employee-empowering work environment a plus


Wage: $14/hour with weekly performance bonuses

Hours: 9am-3pm

Days: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday




The Firm is looking to add to our team!  Intern positions are now available.


Interns will gain invaluable experience in client relations and professional interactions, the brokering process, direct and mass marketing, financing, closing transactions, and office procedures. We welcome them to sit in on team meetings and consultations with our clients, and are more than willing to engage in meaningful exchange and mentoring regarding their progress and any questions that they may have.

We have had 9 interns over the past several years, and of those interns 2 were provided the opportunity to become a full-time employee upon graduation.

The Firm’s President, Cortney Sells, is an established business women who is deeply committed to the professional and personal development of talented young women. For this reason, while we will certainly consider and accept any qualified candidate, we would particularly like to encourage female students to intern with us and be exposed to the still somewhat unique experience of female leadership in the corporate environment.

The ideal candidate will:               

·         Demonstrate the ability to communicate in a professional manner

·         Uphold strict confidentiality

·         Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills

·         Manage multiple tasks and maintain sense of urgency in a changing environment

·         Be skilled with the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

·         Work individually and collaboratively

Wage: $9-15/hour

Days/Hours: Flexible - 12-20 hours/week


Our Culture


Whoever said work events need be dull never experienced a fun day in their life.

At The Firm, we blend the serious with the fun in celebration of our clients and our team. From playing volleyball for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to throwing the best magazine launch parties, we've done it all and will do it again.

Working at The Firm is corporate, with a twist.


























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