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Unleash Your Family Business DNA with Reg Athwa

Reg Athwal is coming to Omaha all the way from Dubai! Board members saw him at the Global Leadership Conference in Thailand last year.
He is an entrepreneur and built many multi-million dollar human capital management, executive search, personal development and consulting services start-ups in USA and UK, going on to advise over 10,500 CEOs and 150,000 managers in 36 countries with his expertise since 2002.
Whether you are starting a new family and want to plan now, have teenagers already thinking about their future, or already part of a family group and facing issues – then attend this session to learn more.
First generational entrepreneurs will learn how to build dream teams to professionalize their business and understand how to assess professionals who they wish to find, attract, hire and retain for future growth.
Athwal will share personal case studies that have helped entrepreneurs and family groups achieve 125% to 800% growth in their businesses within 2-3 years.


In this session, you’ll learn:

•    About your “DNA Profile” and how it impacts other family members, professional teams and your overall business
•    How to build a family structures and create the right job roles aligned to multi-generational challenges and your succession planning needs
•    About the 20 blockages that stop 97% of family businesses in creating a sustainable legacy
•    How to implement a Family MBA program for your children from as early as five years of age; and
•    How to assess and evaluate your human capital and build world-class dream teams with 90% accuracy
In this highly interactive and thought-provoking session, you will get a global perspective on “Family Business Matters” and understand the building blocks of successfully operated family businesses that have lasted past five generations.

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