Brokerage Scorecard

Not all business brokerages are created equal.

You want to ensure you're working with a brokerage that has your best interest in mind, the resources to support your sale and the results - both measurable and anecdotal - that prove their success. At The Firm, we're able to boast an unheard of 98% satisfaction rate, plus 160 successful deals (and counting), and deep knowledge of a wide variety of industries. If you're in the market for a brokerage, our helpful Brokerage Scorecard can act as a reference point in evaluating which partner is going to be the best fit.

The Firm Brokerage Scorecard: Key questions to ask any potential brokerage

To feel confident about the sale of your business, you need to feel good about the answers you receive. Download a printable version of our Brokerage Scorecard today.


From Main Street to middle market, we have extensive experience in 21 industries.

$276 million. Buyers come to where the listings are, period. We represent 75% of business assets for sale in our home state of Nebraska, and we have grown our national and international presence to better satisfy our qualified buyers.

We boast the largest full-time staff in the Midwest. Our associates are 16 (and growing!) full-time salaried M&A professionals, not part-time agents.

More than 11,400. Our developed and qualified buyer portfolio has never been more active or more ready to purchase.

Thinking of Selling?
The top 5 questions to ask any potential broker:

The Firm Business Brokerage is not a real estate brokerage and therefore the staff will not handle any aspect of the lease, sale or purchase of real estate.