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One-of-a-Kind Floral Shop - Outstanding Reputation in Omaha




  • Price

  • Revenue

  • Cash Flow

  • Equipment

  • Inventory

  • Down Payment

  • Account Receivable

  • Lease

  • Service Area
    Omaha, La Vista, Bellevue, Papillion

  • Reason for Sale

  • Profit Margin

  • Employees
    10 (3 designers, 2 sales/order prep, 3 delivery drivers, 1 indoor planting designer, 1 bookkeeper)

Fabulous designers creating custom arrangements, a strong client list and $79,905 in assets make this floral shop one-of-a-kind.  With an outstanding reputation in the Omaha Metro, this business has worked since 1994 to bring customers unique and specialized designs.  The 10 employees include 3 floral designers with years of experience, and 1 employee dedicated mostly to working on indoor plant design and upkeep, which is an area ripe with growth potential.

Most of the sales revenue is composed of funeral home accounts, and the current owner has built great relationships and confidence with 3 large clients.  The largest grossing event of the year is Mother’s Day, with nearly 10% of sales coming from arrangements, goodies and gift baskets sent that day.  98% of orders placed are call-ins, with only 2% coming from the website.

Offering delivery services to Omaha, La Vista, Bellevue and Papillion, this business is open Mon – Fri 8am – 5:30pm, and Sat 8am – 5pm with same day flower & gift delivery.  A part of FTD, services include floral arrangements for every day, holiday, special occasions and weddings.  Also available are gift baskets, goodies and jewelry.

The current owner is responsible for ordering, management and client relationships, but is not a designer.  Growth potential abounds in increasing indoor decorative plants and upkeep, as well as capitalizing on holiday décor and wreaths, large silk floral arrangements and expanding corporate accounts.   

With a 10% down payment of $24,800 and an annual cash flow of $106,067, a new owner will expect to see a first-year profit of $65,282 after payment of debt expenses.  This represents a 263% return on investment!

Business Highlights

• Year Established: 1994
• Location: Omaha; delivering to Omaha, La Vista, Bellevue & Papillion
• Revenue Breakout: 35% funeral homes, 18% one-timers, 15% commercial accounts, 10% Mother’s Day, 10% weddings, 5% online orders, 5% FTD, 2% walk-in 
• Services: floral arrangements (everyday, holiday, funeral, special occasions, wedding), gift baskets, goodies; same day flower & gift delivery
• Growth Opportunities: indoor plants, more outdoor decorative potting, increase corporate accounts, holiday wreaths, silk floral arrangements

Financial Highlights

• List Price: $248,000
• 2016 Gross Sales of $731,218
• 3-Year Average Cash Flow of $79,064         *** this is reflected in the Cash Flow Analysis below
• 2016 Cash Flow of $106,067
• With a 10% down payment ($24,800) and a cash flow of $106,067, a new owner will see a profit of $65,282, representing a 263% return on investment
• $79,005 worth of assets included in the purchase
o Equipment: $20,134
o Vehicles: $20,400 (1 delivery van) 
o Inventory: $19,902
o A/R: $18,569
o Intangible Assets: business reputation & name, relationship with vendors, website & Facebook page
*amounts may vary

Cash Flow Analysis (Profit & Loss Statements)

• 3-year average cash flow of $79,064
• 2016 gross sales of $731,218
• With a 10% down payment ($24,800) and a cash flow of $106,067, a new owner will see a profit of $65,282, representing a 263% return on investment


• Bouquets & Corsages
o Traditional roses, custom, and more!
• Gourmet gift baskets
o Chocolate
o Fresh fruit
o Spa
o Tea or coffee packages
o Corporate packages
• Brand Name Goodies
o Eli’s Cheesecake
o Mrs. Fields
o Lindt
o Godiva
o Starbucks
o Shari’s Berries
• Indoor plants
o Potted palms
o Chinese Evergreen
o many more!


Revenue Breakout

• 35% Funeral homes
o Established relationship with 3 large funeral homes in Omaha
o Flowers aren’t just delivered, they are tended to and arranged
• 18% One-time orders
o Call-ins (98%)
o Walk-ins (2%)
• 15% Commercial accounts
o Weekly or monthly deliveries
• 10% Mother’s Day
• 5% online orders
• 5% FTD
• 2% Walk-ins